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Synergy CTW, your comprehensive source for elite security and counter-terrorism training, coaching, and consulting. Synergy provides turnkey solutions with special emphasis on the most crucial link - the human element. See the energy and harmony of innovation, technology, and human intelligence. That's the Synergy difference!
Mr. Tomer Benito, Synergy's Senior Consultant and its Chief of Training was appointed The International Association of Airport & Seaport Police's Deputy Director of Training.

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Rain for the Wicked   
The first counter-terrorism training novel
     Based on real events, Rain for the Wicked brings you deep into the terrorist mind, with a unique focus on today's most sophisticated counter terrorism initiatives. 

"Rain for the Wicked is a thrilling and engaging tale that entertains even as it teaches the reader the basics of deterrence. While it showcases many of the institutional challenges that security professionals encounter, it also vividly describes exactly what we are up against." Bob Bragdon, CSO Magazine's Chief Editor 

"Finally, something practical in a modern novel.  Imaginative, a great read for professionals."  Jim Biesterfeld, Special Agent (Ret), Author of Catastrophic Event Response Management, Pope/Biesterfeld, 2006

rain_for_the_wicked-smallWhat if a major U.S. airport was the target of a deadly terrorist attack? What if they knew how to get beyond our most sophisticated security technologies? And most importantly, what can we really do to protect ourselves? Rain for the Wicked brings to life the chilling scenario of a terrorist cell who will stop at nothing, and is seemingly prepared for everything. Based in modern-day Los Angeles, Rain for the Wicked chronicles the struggle of a brave journalist to prevent a tragic catastrophe. But before Richard Miller can succeed, he must forget everything he thinks he knows about how to combat terror. In doing so, he gains new knowledge, which will shock, enrage, and ultimately enlighten.

Rain for the Wicked is inspired by frighteningly true events and is the first novel of its kind to shed light on the dangerously obscure area of terrorism and homeland security. You will be captivated by this page-turner as you explore terrorists' motives and methods of operation as well as security inadequacies from a new point-of-view. The suspenseful plot will intrigue you with factual methods and procedures that apply to real life situations


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